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Welcome to 2 the best io game on the web. Recently, casual games do not stand out for any uniqueness and resemble each other in almost everything. And this is an understandable situation because it is much easier for developers to copy someone else’s successful mechanics and make the game a little better than competitors to attract potential gamers. However, in the sea of plagiarism, it is sometimes possible to find worthwhile projects like 2, which allow you to get positive emotions from virtual battles and give those sensations that you cannot get in other games.

I spent some time on this game, got my hands on it, and now I can say with confidence that it is one of the most exciting casual games on my smartphone. The developers can implement all the most exciting gameplay elements to make you have fun and want to fight again and again. So let’s take a look at 2. 2 Gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple, but the problem with the game is that no one explains the rules to you. There is no training at all in this game 2. You go and find yourself in gameplay that you do not know anything about. The first twenty minutes, I tried to understand what they want to tell me about here, but then I just spat and went to the Internet for a guide.

It turned out that everything is so primitive that you can describe the rules in two or three statements. So, you start the round with a small circular pad. Your character is a cube that moves and leaves a semi-transparent trail behind. If you can combine this trail into a shape and connect it to the starting pad, then your part of the map will become large, and you can move on. The whole point of the game is to capture territory in this way. Although, of course, not everything is so simple.

The fact is that while you are in the process of “drawing” a figure on the virtual field, your character is defenseless. The enemy can at any time come on your trail and thereby cut off the character from the base, which means defeat. You need to move very quickly and connect your character with base; so that the enemy cannot discuss the way home for you. In addition, sometimes, you can circle in place and wait for the enemy to appear to attack his trail and destroyed the invader, and then calmly take his territory. It is exciting and requires some ingenuity and experience from you, but on the other hand, playing is as exciting as possible.

Paper io 2 Control

The developers understand that in this kind of game, it is hard to implement complex control. It will not allow the gamer to play with ease.
So, you need to constantly think about what is happening on the screen, think over the strategy to attack, and build a plan for victory. You need to move your finger across the screen and thereby drag your cubic character in the right direction. It does not always work out the way you want, but practice will fix everything.

Paperio2 Outcome 2 is suitable exclusively for gamers who want to get a strategic component from the gameplay and the opportunity to compete in multiplayer. Fans of shooters or racing will not get much pleasure here because 2 is too simple; in terms of graphics and gameplay. Here you need to think more with your head and follow a clear plan that is not everyone’s favorite. On the other hand, if you like these kinds of thought processes, then it’s time to go and try 2. I am sure that you will like it. 2 2  פייפר.יו 2